Green Valley Ranch Night

Dr. Evie Garrett Dennis E-12 Campus - LEED Gold

This 35-acre, 190,000-square-foot campus is the first educational facility to be built in the Green Valley Ranch subdivision. Phase I includes three 450-student classroom buildings (primary, intermediate, and secondary), a student union with shared public spaces, and regional sports complex amenities.  The campus houses the Denver School of Science and Technology, SOAR Charter School, and a Multiple Pathways Center. The campus provides an engaging and state-of-the-art facility to promote learning opportunities.

From the artificial turf on the football field to the thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing system on all four buildings, everything is geared toward saving energy and resources—from electricity to water. Heating and cooling in all four campus buildings is generated by a geothermal heat pump system. Miles of sealed coiled piping—referred to as a “slinky coil” loop—is buried 12 feet deep under a 6.5-acre portion of the athletic fields. A glycol solution is circulated through the pipes and maintains a constant temperature year-round. In addition, acoustically lined heat pump cabinets, lack of vibration and elimination of outdoor fans will result in a noise-free operation that won’t impact the classroom. The system includes Integrated Energy Recovery Ventilators (IERV) to assist in humidity control. Up to 80% of the energy supplied by the geothermal system comes from the earth—clean, free and renewable.

On the roof of the Student Union is a solar panel array totaling approximately 30,000 SF and generating 300 kilowatts of energy for the campus buildings. This results in Net Zero Energy consumption for two of the campus buildings and reduces the total campus energy requirement. 

This sustainability effort was intentionally designed to minimize energy use, reduce the carbon footprint, create high quality indoor air, and lower operating and maintenance costs. Wherever feasible, ENERGY STAR®-rated products, materials and systems were used to contribute to these objectives. The project is LEED Gold Certified, a first for Denver Public Schools.

Client: Denver Public Schools

Architect: DLR Group

Location: Denver, Colorado