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Our Hiring Process

How does your hiring process work?

At Saunders, we construct buildings that become landmarks. So it goes without saying — if you get a job at Saunders, you’ll work hard. But it’s a great place for our people — and there’s proof. We are committed to being a company that is described by our values. Our Reputation and Relationships are based on Care, Collaboration, Commitment and Community. Our reputation goes beyond what we build, it’s how we operate. Our founder, Dick Saunders, vowed to never break a promise, a value engrained in every aspect of our business practice. We believe this is a testament to the high level of respect we receive from our customers, subcontractors and the community. Our commitment to our values is what sets us apart.

Saunders Construction aspires to be an organization made up of people who are passionate about growing and developing both as individuals and as an organization. We are not about acquiring and keeping employees who perform jobs, but rather about fostering exciting, fulfilling and rewarding lifetime careers.

As much as we believe in our history, reputation and continued success, we believe in our employees. They add value and help elevate the company to a higher level. Their skills and ideas will only make this company better. Now take the next step to join Saunders — the place that excellence calls home.

What are the next steps?

Our Customers

"Your staff was very professional and provided a commitment to quality that was a pleasure to see. A challenging job well done.  I enjoyed working the Saunders and look forward to our next opportunity to work with you again.”

– Barry Koury, AIA, MOA Architectural Partnership

Giving Back

Giving Back

Saunders Construction Inc. gave financial and in-kind donations to Mount Saint Vincent, an organization providing housing, on-site family services and early childhood education to single parent families who were previously homeless... More.