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What Benefits Can Saunders Construction Offer Me?

Health Insurance

The health insurance is a High Deductible Health Plan working in conjunction with a Health Savings Account (HSA). The company pays 100% of the insurance premiums for the employee and their dependents. The employee is responsible for the annual deductible.

Employees are encouraged to fund the amount of their annual deductible to their HSA through pre-taxed payroll deductions. Any unused funds can be used to offset future years’ medical costs or to build towards a medical retirement account with pre-tax dollars.

Dental & Vision Insurance

Dental and vision insurance premiums are shared expenses between the employee and the company with 80% of the premium paid by Saunders Construction.

Employee Assistance Program

An EAP is a solution-focused program for personal and professional issues. The EAP assists organizations in addressing productivity issues, helps employees identify and resolve personal concerns, and enables employers and employees to take a pro-active approach in managing wellness.

Section 125 Plan

This is an employer-sponsored benefit plan, which allows an employee to select from a list of available benefits — benefits specifically needed by the employee. This program means that current after-tax expenditures for items such as insurance premiums, dependent care costs, and some vision and dental expenses not covered by insurance, can now be paid for with pre-tax dollars. The bottom line is that employees may have increased take-home pay or more dollars available to purchase other benefits they may need.


The Saunders Construction 401(k) Plan, while one plan, currently has two funding components. The first is a nondiscretionary match of 100% of your combined elective deferral to a maximum of 2%. The second method of funding is the nondiscretionary 3% “Safe Harbor” 401(k) contribution.

401(K)/Safe Harbor Plan

Following a six-month eligibility period, all newly eligible employees will be automatically enrolled in the 401(K) Retirement Plan and set up to make contributions of 6% of their base salary. Eligible employees will also receive a Safe Harbor contribution from the Company in the amount of 3% of their base salary. The Company will match 100% of your combined elective deferral to a maximum of 2%. We also offer a Roth 401(k) which allows employees to contribute funds on a post-tax elective deferral basis in addition to or instead of pre-tax elective deferrals.   

Paid Time Off

Saunders Construction offers a generous paid time off program. Employees are eligible for 15 days of vacation during the first year of employment; 19 days of vacation annually in years 2–4; 23 days annually in years 5–9 and 28 days after 10 years.


Saunders Construction offers seven paid holidays throughout the year.

Bonus Program

Contingent upon the profitability for the year and after consideration for the long-term viability of the company, a percentage of the profit may be made available to pay employees a merit bonus.

Life Insurance, Short Term Disability Insurance and Long Term Disability Insurance

Saunders Construction provides life insurance, STD, and LTD insurance on behalf of its employees. The life insurance will provide a lump-sum payment to the employee’s designated beneficiaries. Short-term disability coverage replaces a portion of lost income for a specified period of time for employees who are ill or have non-work-related injuries. The long-term disability insurance replaces a portion of the employee’s lost income after short-term disability coverage ends.

*All benefits listed above are for non-signatory, full-time personnel.

What Else Should I Know?

Other benefits include service awards, a sabbatical leave, tuition assistance, a fitness program, a work-out facility and casual dress code.

Our Customers

"Saunders people are professional, focused, and diligent—a superb complement to our project teams. The Saunders team has always delivered on their promise to complete our projects successfully."

-Michael Russell, ProLogis

Giving Back

Giving Back

Saunders Construction Inc. gave financial and in-kind donations to Mount Saint Vincent, an organization providing housing, on-site family services and early childhood education to single parent families who were previously homeless... More.